Caption this – 6 May

Caption this - 6 May

Caption this - 6 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 9 May

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  1. Moving on is a choice.
    He is long gone.
    But you tied him up in your memories.
    That’s why you now undergo miseries.
    Let him go.
    You can do it.

  2. When people walk away from you, show them the door.
    Roll out the red carpet to those who deserve you!
    Be a far cry from those who cry over spilled milk.

  3. Treat a breakup as a breakthrough
    Turn your tears of sorrows into tears of joy.
    When someone casts a spell on you doesn’t necessarily mean the die is cast! Let your rehabilitation be jubilation.

  4. Her threads of tears remain latched to Him
    As she tries to wrap Him in Her winding shell.
    But amidst the traces of sand & time, strings fade
    As love between Him & Her eventually evaporates.

  5. Let him go.
    Don’t hold him back.
    Because darling, forced things never turn out beautiful.
    He might come, wait and see.
    If he doesn’t, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be…

  6. Clinging on has never helped,
    However much you may have wept.
    What is not yours can’t be kept,
    Tying them down is a futile attempt…
    Just accept!

  7. Your life is not tied up with people who wants to leave you,
    If it hurts, time to let go
    You can find another love,
    but not another you…

  8. When you walked away I was still weeping and waiting for you….
    to come back; entangling my invisible love around you hoping it will protect you!!

  9. Don’t indignify yourself,
    by emotional blackmail,
    those who care, will stay,
    those who don’t,
    will always find a way,
    to leave you, and go away…

  10. Tantrums, emotional drama,
    never make them stay…
    its not a barter,
    to make them play,
    let go, let go, let go,
    begging, crying or pleading,
    accept the reality,
    the reel will not replay..

  11. Letting go of one dear to you maybe hard. .
    but if it causes you pain and heartaches. .
    let go!. .begging for love is not worth it. .
    finding peace for yourself is!

  12. She gets obsessed with him, with the idea of him. She is hurt when he leaves. But she needs to learn they are not meant to be, for the thread is black and not red, as the thread of destiny should be…

  13. A relationship that’s not meant to be,
    A conclusion that’s tough for us to see.
    Yet, holding it together for the sake of it,
    Bound to be strained bit by bit.
    All the hydraulics that your eyes can offer,
    Not gonna make the relationship prosper,
    Better to cut ties and move on,
    Rather than making both a sacrificial pawn.

  14. Actions performed at certain frequency transmit energies, which determines how the relationship will progress, not every body is emotionally available,one needs to learn we are only souls, let it go.

  15. It’s reminds me a lyrics of song by David gates ” find me ”

    “Find me..look hard and don’t stop I’ll be waiting till’ then…don’t eat.. and don’t sleep till’ I’m back..back in your arms again..”

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