Caption this – 5 May

Caption this - 5 May

Caption this - 5 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 8 May

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  1. Is your emotional baggage weighing you down?
    Very soon you will drown…
    Hang in there,
    Is not always fair.
    Release and feel the peace!

  2. Baggage is not only when you travel,
    It’s also what you carry as life’s mysteries you unravel.
    Pulls you down…
    As you struggle to stay afloat and not drown,
    To hold on or let go?
    Wise pick it is!

  3. It’s not the load,
    But how we hoard.
    Things that weigh us down,
    Should have released them long ago…
    And set myself free!

  4. Story of my life, how I feel every day even though I have hope and gratitude, continuing on, trying to hide the exhaustion and pain I carry. No sleep, can’t think straight, poor memory, chronic pain. Still praying for strength.

  5. As I surrendered and let go of the burdens that I had once clung to, I found that the water caught me, it embraced me and allowed me to float, to breath. I released the weight of expectations and watched them sink as I floated amongst the waves of my own freedom.

  6. On the surface it looks like i am strong enough to pull myself out of that situation I’m in, but if you take a deeper look, you’ll realize that I am about to drown …

  7. All of life’s requirements. .
    keep drowning me with unrelenting stress. .
    must not give in. .must not give up. .
    keep holding on. .keep moving. .
    life has to go on!

  8. Don’t burden yourself with this this painful past,
    It won’t let you enjoy present!
    It won’t let you have your desirable future!
    Let go! Let go! Let go!

  9. I hang onto the deck of the livings with clutters mounting around
    As I listen to the waves whispering sinister & serene sounds.
    Rising onto me as pressure, in pints of poised pounds
    I’m dragged slowly by a sense of desire, unbound
    Motivating me in an eerie manner to not lose my hope;
    To hang onto my life forever, trying not to drown.

  10. In the end, it is those that are strong, strong enough to never let go of the ledge of hope, that survive amidst the demons pulling them down…

  11. Something or the other will always try weighing you down, but hold on darling, get your head back on your shoulders and straigthen up that crown…for life is given just once, so rather than giving up, stand up and confront…

  12. The weight of reality pulling me down.
    With no one to save me, not even a prince with crown,
    I know I am alone with my battle unknown.
    At the end of the day, it is just me.
    No one will come to my aid you see.
    I only have myself to stop my bleed.
    But that’s more than enough, I am all that I need…

  13. Just hang on.. we maybe tired of hanging on but our arms have unseen supports greater than the burdens we are carrying..

  14. The strength needed to hold the weight of her troubles is suffocating. When will her muscles give? Her fingers slip and the water enters her lungs as she reaches for the light above her, bubbles floating to the surface from the screams. Drifting slowly into the abyss of darkness she disappears.

  15. Indeed, I had suffered long, and now I am drowning from burdens trying to pull me down to give up, to quit, and to regress.
    Yet I have this attitude to fight against the odds, to be strong and courageous, to be firm and tenacious, and to prove that no matter what I’m still holding on..

  16. Weighed down by the expectations,
    Struggling to hold on to life,
    I am as close as possible,
    To give it all up and drown.
    Not to be, That’s not who I am,
    If that’s the last thing I will ever do,
    I will hold on to hope as far as possible,
    Will never go down without a fight.

  17. Don’t let anything hold you back from flying free….. The sky is yours, the whole cosmos is yours just Fly free with an open mind and free soul.

  18. Help me because I am losing it and fearful of drowning. Life has taken a turn for the worse and I do not know how much longer I can hold on.

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