Caption this – 4 March

Caption this - 4 March

Caption this - 4 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 7 March

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  1. Things aren’t generally the same as they appears to be. be careful,there are people who will love you at your face and diss you when you trun around.

  2. Holding hands and empathic eyes.
    Hug to the heart and dagger behind.
    No two humans can be great comrades.
    If You breathe the fire of vengeance inside.

  3. snarky comments to bring you down because they are not thinking about friendship they are thinking about themselves and winning from you, somehow, they will also immediatly use anything you ever told them against you.

  4. The society make them friends,
    But truly they are not.
    Even they know that
    They are hissing each other,
    For the society’s sake,
    Both acting fake
    Like friends.

  5. Gossip has been around since time begin. It at times can be more hurtful then anything. Other times it can also be good. Gossip will never stop until the person being gossiped about says something to the one who started it.

  6. Spitting venom & vile
    In the shadows in shades
    We paint our smiles
    On our masquerading faces
    Pretending to be someone
    Who we ain’t
    In a fake world of bubbled bliss.

  7. Enough of masking emotions,
    Shadows are on a revolution.
    Camaraderie has lost its authenticity,
    Relationships are full of toxicity.
    Let the real YOU surface…
    Each of us have a unique purpose!

  8. think they are d same how come they met at the point negative n negative person at any rate dont agree ang magnanakaw galit sa magnanakaw ok 1000percent yesssssss

  9. Animals are ashamed of human beings when gender discrimination is shown to belittle the former, especially when uman beings are animalistic and animals are humane to love mankind. Time to be proud of animals around us and to be ashamed of the ones inside us.

  10. Passing gossip as we held hands.
    We deserved to be best friends….
    Until I woke up from a dream.
    I realized what I have been.
    I chose to stay away from her.
    Old emotions not to stir.
    My time with her was a grave mistake.
    Now I’m not that nasty snake.

  11. I had a friend. We were so close.
    She was as pretty as a rose.
    I was blind for all the thorns.
    I was deaf to all the storms.
    In fact I did become like her.
    My gentle nature was now a blur.
    We used to sit and be so fake.
    We must have looked like two big snakes.

  12. Cuddle cuddle outside yet hiss hiss and slither inside. Hate me not outside and love me not inside. We have no norm to speak of venom of animals as we spit it on other fellow beings every moment upon meeting them, though with sugar-coated words to kill them feigning humanity.

  13. Everything looks good as it should with a planned sugarcoat. But as friendships kiss, betrayal may hiss and choke our throat. Even in the most beautiful bonds, there may be a sinister in disguise. And, beneath the naive and innocence may be a knife so vile and vice. Even while in a trance, smelling a scarlet rose, look out for the thorn; we never know when we might be pricked by something venomous and be torn.

  14. In a friendship full of lies,
    There may be a sinister in disguise.
    Anytime, anywhere
    Betrayal may hiss.
    Be cautious of the snake
    Be sure not to miss,
    Who is real and who is fake.

  15. Cordial on the outside,
    Shady on the inside.
    Not all relationships,
    But a few, mostly blips.
    Beware of them,
    Identify them from the gem.
    Possible, leave them aside,
    Along the way, by the way side.

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