Caption this – 30 May

Caption this - 30 May

Caption this - 30 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 2 June


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  1. One fake persona will often attack the weakest from behind their back.
    They think they are right to stay strong and pretend they were never wrong.
    The smart person sees,
    feels and understands the love of forgiveness.
    Which one knows and shows the real strength?

  2. A fake friend in disguise
    Is worst than a enemy.
    Enemy attacks from front
    A Fake friend embrace you
    And show they care
    But in real they attack,
    Shoot arrows of hatred n jealousy behind your back .

  3. The person you trust and love most ends or happens as the one who’s been setting you in the most turbulent times and positions.

  4. Brother will kill brother
    Killing for religion
    Something I don’t understand
    Fools like me, who across the sea
    Came to foreign land
    This is HOLY WARS

  5. I know from the wounds in my back that you dont care. I try to apologize and you can’t hold me back. You cant drop the bow, the one weapon that you used to hurt me. Your still holding on, please let go

  6. Trying to be the arsonist and the hero. Causing the pain and the swooping in to comfort and the other is quick to forgive because it is the nature of an empath.

  7. Sometimes that’s how things turn out.
    You will be the reason for someone’s pain.
    Your any step to mend will be in vain.
    You can’t fathom it out.
    The bow is in your hand.
    And you make your stand
    That you didn’t mean to hurt.
    But the arrows on his back says otherwise…

  8. You may not have a clue,
    But the arrows that pierced me are blue.
    You hurt me too much
    Though you didn’t mean to…
    But I always come to you.
    You will always be a friend not a foe.
    I always come to you,
    Because I have nowhere else to go…

  9. My friend I am here for you,
    To embrace you again though you have broken my trust,
    To teach you the worthiness and purpose of love and friendship,
    Because you need them the most….

  10. A strong tree in any family would never choose to attack and physically cause harm to one of their own.
    Their strong roots run deep with support not betrayal or pain.

    1. The narcissist and the stupid…there is no reason to hurt peopel, and we can’t be empathic with bad people…specialy gives hugs to them…could you gives hug to Trump for example

  11. That which hurts you,
    Hitting you from the back,
    Where does it come from?
    Might be from your loved one’s pack.
    Maybe it is intentional,
    Or they just are not aware,
    At the end of the day, though,
    The pain is very real.

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