Caption this – 3 May

Caption this - 3 May

Caption this - 3 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 6 May

37 thoughts on “Caption this – 3 May”

  1. “For it actually happens that whereever reason is absent, shouting takes it’s place, something that never happens when things are certain. We shall therefore say that whereever there is much clamor, there is no true knowledge, because truth has one single term which, once it is made known, silences controversy forever. – Leonardo DaVinci.

  2. HE voices all noise in rattles of screams,
    HIS Friend rants along, like the buzz of a stream.
    But there is a third, who remains quiet & numb.
    He drowns in an ocean of serene silence,
    Where the sense of Nirvana is known to be found.

  3. I am getting quieter and quieter these days, because more people are opening their mouths with nothing to say,
    When they should, zip it.

  4. The more I thought,
    This realisation I got…
    It’s only noise when you blabber from the start…
    To think before you speak is an art…
    Talking only if needed is the hardest part!

  5. It is the thinking that matters,
    Devoid of it, your words just clatters.
    Don’t talk hastily when you are tense.
    Instead through thinking, talk some sense.
    Otherwise it would all be utter nonsense.
    They say when you speak less, your words matter more.
    Maybe it’s because of the thinking that makes it so sure,
    As the words come from contemplation and not like before.
    We stop the rambling roar and just let words pour from the mind’s store…

  6. Empty vessels make more noise,
    Those who think, lessen their voice.
    Where to speak and where not to,
    Got to know what to do.
    Use your brain and not your mouth,
    Else, very soon, things will go south.

  7. The smarter you are the quieter you become up to the point you’re smart enough to know it’s not worth saying anything at all.

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