Caption this – 29 May

Caption this - 29 May

Caption this - 29 May

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51 thoughts on “Caption this – 29 May”

  1. I shared my everything. It was returned broken and torn. I will heal it with love and patience, allowing tears to escape as I cry for the person who may never understand, or find again, a treasure like that I had offered.

  2. So that you’ll know, we will never part, here is the proof, take my heart. Tis’ only for you…that i will to live, my heart is the token, of which i give. You bear witness, to the scope I’ll go, by giving my heart, so you will know

  3. Heal yourself for know one knows what heals you more than yourself

    Dont count on others to fix your broken heart, fix it yourself and make it better so you have a better heart to offer.

  4. Nobody will come to nurse your heart.
    At the end, it’s you and you only.
    No matter what it costs, blood, sweat, tear,
    Always have the courage of healing yourself.

  5. Heart torn apart
    When someone you love depart .
    Leaving you with pain
    All efforts to heal
    Will be in vain
    Until you stitch ur own heart
    With thread of courage
    And needle of time to save nine.

  6. Don’t let hurt and heart become synonymous. Skillfully stitching the cut that’ so venomous!
    Stop wearing your heart on your sleeves, that’s the very need of this eve!

  7. I thought you’d always be there, So I tore open my heart to let you in, I didn’t know the love from you wasn’t there and you would walk away without and care, the gaping hole you left behind I now mend, thank you for showing me that on myself I can depend

  8. A emotionally balanced person doesn’t need tearing and stitching of the heart !
    Be strong and take care of the most crucial part of your existence!
    Stay healthy always……..!❤️❣️

  9. Putting your heart back together after it’s been broken, it is not impossible, it just takes time and strong thread and a very sharp needle, the thread of strength and the needle of determination, you can recover.

  10. The cracks let the light in
    Time will heal and dry them
    Tears, we sow the red string of fate
    To bring destinies mate
    To lace our broken pieces in gold
    So we can once again cry happy and be whole

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