Caption this – 28 May

Caption this - 28 May

Caption this - 28 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 31 May

83 thoughts on “Caption this – 28 May”

  1. A contrast in color . .meaning a contrast in character. .
    a compatible connection must be worked out therefore. .
    respecting differences. .enjoying similarities!

  2. Made for each other felt like a myth, until we met!
    Flawed me and flawed you, completes each other in the most fulfilling way.
    Soulmates that we are, love is sparkling and the world is starlit!

  3. A pair of glove closing in from eternal distance,a compliment of a cast over a mold. A voltage seeking expression for its potential power, a contact who’s spark is the reason we are.

  4. Our bodies are power. Do you feel the crave? I can fill you with exciting new energy, I can feed your thrive. Just give me you, completely and undeniably, hold me close, let us be a whole.

  5. We may be resourceful individually, yet incomplete.
    Until we unite to ignite, our worlds would remain dark.
    It is when we meet, do the firework called love Spark, and the world illuminates to life!

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