Caption this – 27 May

Caption this - 27 May

Caption this - 27 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 30 May

55 thoughts on “Caption this – 27 May”

  1. The matrix and its wove over thought,
    the seams wouldn’t flush with the mosaic of voids at the angular grids,
    it takes the warmth and pump action of love to dose it with humane kick.
    To hue art off the tool boxes of 1 and 0s.

  2. A heart doesn’t fit in the squares of the mind,
    don’t try to push it in,
    it’ll be a misfit,
    will neither do it’s own job,
    nor would let the mind do it’s own business..

  3. Look at yourself, you became so hard!
    You’ve grown a strange void there.
    Come, let me fill the gap with Love.
    And I promise all of it will be magical.

  4. A single heart cannot be confined to only one box in your mind.
    Open all the doors to accept more.
    Fill yourself with love that is meant to share not to store.

  5. If only takes one open window into your mind and soul for the heart of another to enter.
    Don’t leave it in just one box.
    Let it spread from one to the next and that loving feeling will soon
    open the others so you can share.

  6. My heart keeps getting into my head making me see through rose colored glasses, at first I didn’t understand why, then I realized I kept putting it there

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