Caption this – 27 February

Caption this - 27 February

Caption this - 27 February

Wisepick for the image will be published on 2 March

65 thoughts on “Caption this – 27 February”

  1. Not many can read me.
    Although I am an open book.
    No one does it better than me.
    They don’t even care to give a look.

    Look into yourselves.
    Read between the lines and verses.
    Reach your inner galaxies and universes…

  2. My interpretation of knowledge and what lies beneath will only be of face value if I truly don’t understand. The need for self awareness! Becomes our own truth!

  3. You can’t read your own life story. You can’t skip a few chapters, you can’t write a new end. The book isn’t finished…..neither are you. x

  4. To know me is to read me
    To read me is to love me
    To love me is to realise me
    To realise me is to accept me
    To accept me is to explore me
    To explore me is to read me..

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