Caption this – 26 May

Caption this - 26 May

Caption this - 26 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 May

18 thoughts on “Caption this – 26 May”

  1. Love given by a mother,
    Is like none other…
    Privileges given to a child,
    Need to be checked, before they run wild.
    Her heart is not a puppet,
    Please don’t manipulate it!

  2. No one but Mom,
    Will allow this to some…
    Daughter or son,
    From the day you are born…
    Live in the heart and tug at it’s strings.
    Few of life’s special feelings!

  3. Pulling her heartstrings
    Playing her like a puppet,
    Easily done with that person called mom,
    She would know it too,
    Yet she would love to be played.
    The epitome of sweetness
    Nothing else could even come closer.

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