Caption this – 26 March

Caption this - 26 March

Caption this - 26 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 March

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  1. The broken faith is not meant to be stitched back. Grab the scissor and turn them to blunt pieces and let them fade away like smoke in the air.

  2. Ask those who have withered over time, who have seen their dreams fade away by some sinful strings. Ask how they dreamed to soar high in the sky but never had the chance to do it. Hell, they never even opened their wings. Ask them how it was and they would surprise you telling tales about liberty and freedom though all they went through was melancholy and boredom…

  3. Cut those strings darling.
    And test those wings.
    Break free from soulless things.
    Taste liberty
    Touch your soul.
    Wander those wonders that makes you whole.
    Cut those strings, darling…

  4. You have cut the strings that stopped you from having wings. But you are still holding on to it. The strings that have caged you, restricted you and prisoned you. You are still holding on to them. Maybe you love them too much. Take a your time. Say a last adieu to it for you will never be a doll. Bid a last good bye for you shall fly every time you fall…

  5. Lifelines are drawn, up and down
    Cause life is meant to be a ride of highs and lows, sometimes a smile, sometimes a frown.

    Make the ties which fly you high, let lose the one’s which drop you by..
    Worthless to live a dead relation, you’d rather die..
    Or, choose to rise above into your self painted, purple blue sky.

  6. The string that tied me to you,
    May seem limp to few.
    It was the invisible attraction,
    An unimaginable connection.
    If that fades away,
    Who are we to make it stay!

  7. To surrender is a superpower:
    Let go what doesn’t want to stay
    Forced bonds always block the way
    Free each other
    What’s meant to be will come together

  8. You are stronger than you think,
    Life changes in a blink.
    If the cord didn’t connect hearts…
    Snip it off! Don’t live your life in parts!

  9. It’s said that we’re bound to people
    with invisible threads,
    the threads that bind,
    sometimes stunt the growth,
    take the bold step of cutting the off,
    your peace of mind is above all,
    in releasing them, you release yourself too…

  10. If it hurts; cut it off;
    Getting over momentary
    Pains is the gateway to
    To a world of great gains.
    The enormity of your power
    Is realised when you let go
    Your own unfounded fears.
    The cut, you bet!

  11. The unkindest cut of all
    Yes, time to be rational,
    Handcuffs that clip my soul,
    Have no room to play foul,
    Alone in my own world,
    I lay awake breathing
    Freedom of air than being
    Drowsy and choked.
    Liberation is my deliberation.

  12. Addiction, when you want to let go, be free, but no matter how many times you say I’m done, you always go back to it, but once you cut that cord for good, you are free.

  13. I wanted to remember our plans…and promises that we made….that you would never leave, the reason why I stayed. It never occured to me, that it was all a dream, how silly could I be, when things aren’t what they seem?

  14. You are finally dead in my head I cannot see the red thread and yet I hold on to the last piece of you still attached to me. Another reminder of your toxicity. Lest I forget.

  15. Yesterday, out of the blue
    I snapped the crimson string
    To my life’s golden soul
    By choice of my own.
    Does this make me a coward
    Or a narcissist or a forgotten sea
    Who failed to find her shore?

  16. Cutting off the lifeline,
    Or so was thought,
    The line that connects
    to the bond that seemed to count.
    Good or bad,
    Who is to say?
    The eventual impact,
    Depends on what life has got to say.

  17. cut the string
    ginger hair flowing freely
    no blood this time
    beyond these pale sheets
    crisp like almost new
    just fresh and warm
    the perfect metaphor
    no longer a marionette
    what now……?

    1. for you to post this right now…..
      i mean they say facebook is listening but geez. in all seriousness the timing here is so sadly coincidental.

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