Caption this – 25 March

Caption this - 25 March

Caption this - 25 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 28 March

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  1. As I hang there,
    with all my dreams shattered,
    all my hopes gone,
    As I hang there,
    my lifeless body,
    my spirits gone away,
    yes, it’s a crime,
    yes, one shouldn’t do this,
    but living a lie,
    is a fate worse than death..

  2. As the sayings goes …God did not allow us to finish our life…It is only HIM who has the power to stop us breathe according to his will …we only live once cherish it as if it is a never ending life….

  3. No, there is no escape for me from me. My own values judge and execute me daily for my deeds, a part of me dies daily. I do have a choice, but lack the guts to follow the path I wish to, so I am hanged part by part every day.

  4. Balancing The Ledger

    If a mind can not be opened
    Or a heart can not be kept
    If a dream can not be woken
    Of this world can I be swept

    For I believe all who deceive
    Shall reap upon them what has crept
    If receiving is achieving
    Buried becomes their concept

    Giving to all and giving freely
    Prospering we must accept
    That growth of our proceedings
    Hasn’t leapt while others wept.

    Written by Michael Hodder

  5. On the outside I appear strong and confident, but in the world inside my head, I mentally kill myself everyday, by trying to hold on during my darkest hours.

  6. Dear departed soul, it hurts me to realise you will be meeting the same people in the netherworld who are responsible for your untimely death. One cannot avoid deadly people dead or alive.

  7. I have hurt myself by compromising too much and giving some people chances they don’t deserve they are not even considerate. I faced a lot of backlash and am emotionally tortured because of keeping them now my brains can’t think straight i need someone to cut this suicidal thought hanging in my head

  8. I certainly didn’t mean to make light of the taking of one’s life. All life is precious, and thoughts are the “gateway” to irrational decisions. My sincere hope is that anyone in need of help, would reach out, and get the attention they need. Peaceful thoughts!

  9. Our head is not where we are meant to reside,
    It’s where we create & often hide.
    Our mind & thoughts can help us to thrive,
    When we choose to leave our head & feel alive.

  10. My thoughts became too much to bare, when life became no longer fair. The struggle of regrets of mine, when life was such a simple time. A wish to vanish from this space, and reappear, another place. To start anew, another chance, awaken from this awful trance. Last decision that I will make, my life to end, my soul to take

  11. Life is cherishable.
    Aging is natural.
    Death is inevitable.

    But before the time arrives, don’t let your thoughts (stress) kill you.

    Welcome thoughts if they resolve your problems, but hold none in silence for they may be suicidal.
    Talk, share, hear and learn..

    Problems are meant to come, but only with a solution.

  12. Are you right now
    Watching my tale of scream
    As I hang as a corpse
    Down the ceiling’s beam
    Winds whisper my tragedy
    Silence knows my harrowed tale
    I earned everything but all fake
    As happiness failed to remain.

  13. Thoughts are random events of time, tucked in various corners of mind. Pursuit of things that mean so much, with time elapsed, and things of such. It’s when my thoughts are turned to shame, that wretchedness becomes the same, is when I chose to end the strife, repentance in the form life

  14. My mind is where I die,
    A.million deaths before the actual one.
    Judge, jury and the executioner,
    The roles it plays when evaluating me.
    Need a break from the constant vigil,
    Have a life to be lived in the real world.

  15. So normal on the outside.
    So depressed on the inside.
    My mind seems to be a prison.
    And I hang myself everyday.
    By giving into depression.
    No one notices my inner hell.
    Depression is self suicide, that’s when it rang a bell…

    1. Thoughts never kill a soul, it’s the actions or the choices you make which hain and kill. Over thinking is a myth, with so many zombies around me, manipulated in every way, even thinking will be a myth soon.

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