Caption this – 24 March

Caption this - 24 March

Caption this - 24 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 27 March

99 thoughts on “Caption this – 24 March”

  1. Hail not evil. Its invitation is a temptation. Its seduction will have no redemption and resurrection. Nail evil, ensure your bail and stay away from jail.

  2. You will be the prey to your own veiled vices which you let coil inside you. When they rear their ugly heads, you will be hanged by their fangs.

  3. Transparency speaks for oneself . One can hide from the outside world of what one is made of but guilt and conscience are poisons slowly killing oneself as well

  4. Below the surface of an infectious smile, lives our darkest thoughts, and demeanor that’s vile. Hair so coiffed, by a manicured hand, regally glowing, like pebbles in the sand, is the viper awaiting, a soul to take, a slippery tongue, the ultimate snake.

  5. The hissing demon,
    inside of my soul,
    comes to the fore,
    once in a while,
    I try my best to keep it
    under covers,
    but to no avail,
    it jumps out and talks to me,
    and holds me in his power..

  6. The inner demons,
    are more powerful,
    the serpent that engulfs me,
    holds me in it’s power,
    it talks to me,
    coaxes and cajoles me,
    to say, do and think,
    unmentionable things…

  7. Beneath the surface, of an infectious smile, are the things we think, and thoughts so vile. A subtle nature, of goodness sake, reveals the head, of the snake. Hidden.. in the day of night… is it’s venom of the bite

  8. The evil heart-ID inside
    sees you trying to hide..
    ID feeds on your surprise
    when it finally does arise..
    ID stops you in your place
    with a silent frozen face.
    Do not deny the devil his end in this lifelong race.

  9. The devil within everyone of us has power to sweep us off the ground and completely shatter our life, we need to try and not feed this devil of negative thoughts and desires within.

  10. Grave is my thought,
    As it coils and twirls around me as it please
    It’s been torture I dare say and my heart in pain..
    but I’d rather cling on to the torment as it be
    For nevertheless a companion it shall be of me..
    As until the day shall fall upon where a warm heart takes its place..

  11. The vile, The venom
    Breathing inside us all
    Evokes Hatred, Provokes War
    Leaving behind an irraparable scar.
    Do we need to pet this snake?
    Think for a while.
    Would life be not better
    If we denounce evil for Light?

  12. The inner serpent,
    Emerging out time and again,
    Doing things to repent,
    All to lose and nothing to gain.
    There inside everyone,
    No one is an exception.
    A battle that has to be won,
    Not the time for self deception.

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