Caption this – 21 April

 April 21, 2018

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Caption this - 21 April

Caption this - 21 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 24 April

41 comments on “Caption this – 21 April

  1. A man and a woman binded by love under the sanctity of marriage will continue moving forward with life helping each other to be strong to go through life’s challenges without leaving each other behind, together we will face life ups and downs knowing we have each others love❤️

  2. The love that united us,
    The bond that kept us going,
    The relationship that defined us,
    When did it start hurting us?
    The one that set us free,
    Gave us lots of joy and glee,
    When did it become shackles of pain?
    Is my belief in true love, full of vain.?

  3. Bond to lead in sync, not in constrain
    Unite to compliment the other, not complain
    Love and marriage are not about being possessed or owning, but cherishing the sense of belongingness..
    It is not a duty taken up out of external pressure, it is a responsibility taken by choice to expand in oneself and beyond..

  4. We feign to elope to a world of fairies & dreams
    But being feet shackled to marital schemes.
    The roses & the lilies fade out in Spring’s shallow hymns
    ‘O my darling, Good Lord!’
    Life ain’t spoons of honey on ice creams.

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