Caption this – 21 April

Caption this - 21 April

Caption this - 21 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 24 April

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  1. A man and a woman binded by love under the sanctity of marriage will continue moving forward with life helping each other to be strong to go through life’s challenges without leaving each other behind, together we will face life ups and downs knowing we have each others love❤️

  2. The love that united us,
    The bond that kept us going,
    The relationship that defined us,
    When did it start hurting us?
    The one that set us free,
    Gave us lots of joy and glee,
    When did it become shackles of pain?
    Is my belief in true love, full of vain.?

  3. Bond to lead in sync, not in constrain
    Unite to compliment the other, not complain
    Love and marriage are not about being possessed or owning, but cherishing the sense of belongingness..
    It is not a duty taken up out of external pressure, it is a responsibility taken by choice to expand in oneself and beyond..

  4. We feign to elope to a world of fairies & dreams
    But being feet shackled to marital schemes.
    The roses & the lilies fade out in Spring’s shallow hymns
    ‘O my darling, Good Lord!’
    Life ain’t spoons of honey on ice creams.

  5. The bond shouldn’t be the ring,
    It’s only a thing.
    It’s the commitment to share,
    Feelings you bare…
    Grow together,
    Always loving each other!

  6. “Love is a tender and delicate thing, and it’s something we all deserve. But the path to get there isn’t always as straight as we might think.”

  7. Codependent attachment
    of wedded bliss is soon a miss take if joined at the hip in a 3 legged marital race.
    Unconditional love together yet apart is
    a much wiser start for each heart.

  8. They say love makes you free.. And that your world goes round and round. But what if its the other way around. What if that ring doesn’t give you wings, but instead stings, pains and chains you.. What if it makes you fettered…

  9. If you are not willing to sacrifice,
    Don’t enter into the realm of love,
    just because it feels nice.
    Sometimes, love does feel like a compromise,
    And yes, there are lies.
    But, love never dies.
    It binds people together; it ties.
    So, enter into the world of love,
    There will be loads of French fries!

  10. Let us walk the road of life together,
    By a union called marriage,
    Which is bonded by love and friendship,
    Strengthened by commitment and understanding.

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