Caption this – 2 May

Caption this - 2 May

Caption this - 2 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 5 May

28 thoughts on “Caption this – 2 May”

  1. Oh.. savour that smell
    Of morning coffee.
    And take that book
    That has a story to tell.
    Read and drink,
    Sip and think.
    Let there be no torment, lament and resent.
    Just let the mind sink
    Deep into this ineffable moment…

  2. When I wake up like a zombie,
    Feeling foggy…
    All I need is a hot cup of COFFEE!
    Its aroma awakens the mind,
    A saviour of this kind…
    Is hard to find!

  3. Brewing the thoughts as I sip down the fresh brewed coffee.
    Crushing the beans of negativity and worries, as I charge up for a fresh start..
    Adding the gentle warmth of cream..
    Garnish by counting my blessings, as I add the sweetness of cocoa..
    All of it I take, from the morning cuppa read..
    I’m all set to take up charge, of what they call, Life.

  4. The aroma of the arabica coffee as my morning’s muse
    Sows a seed of thought, drowned in lively dew.
    I visit all the places where coffee beans are groomed
    Whether it’s Hawaii, Kenya or the Jamaican blues.

  5. One of the most beautiful peaceful combinations;
    Good for peace of mind and imagination,
    Coffee to sip and a book to read.
    That’s all you need,
    And your inner peace shall breed.
    From all your worries, you will be freed.
    No better thing can replace this, indeed.

  6. Dear coffee,

    All day and night you are on my mind! Day doesn’t begin without and that sure doesn’t end without. All interaction are incomplete, and so is all the intellect.

    Yours sincerely,

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