Caption this – 2 March

Caption this - 2 March

Caption this - 2 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 5 March

73 thoughts on “Caption this – 2 March”

  1. Get out of your mind,
    real life’s out there,
    unlock the codes,
    that puzzle your mind,
    open up, release the trauma,
    the knots and the noose,
    are only in your mind,
    open up to your potential,
    you’re unique, one of a kind..

  2. We live in self made mental prisons,
    we allow our minds to be knotted up,
    with our emotional trauma,
    we live our lives, pleasing others,
    living an out and out social drama,
    it’s no wonder, the knots,
    reach us in no time,
    and become nooses,
    stifling, suffocating and killing us…

  3. No bars can stop our desires,
    No prison can kill inside fire,
    But just one negative thought of ours,
    Can chain and crush our mind,
    And can lead us towards breath choking environment,
    So never let your mind rule
    You and your desires…!

  4. There is no cure for you if you are too curious. Curiosity will not only kill the cat but also you. Know your limits, especially if your trap is barbed!

  5. This cell it holds my body, but it also grips my mind. In solitude I search for answers, to escape the ties that bind. The hours tick by ever so slowly without view of a clock. I feel the desperate need to roam free, yet this box has me locked.

  6. My hearts domain is my prison
    I want to release this burden
    Yet I hold onto the misery like a crutch
    Too consumed by self doubt
    Too scarred to heal
    Too beaten to fight
    My heart will never see the beauty
    My soul will bathe within the
    I had to set you free from my madness.

  7. dont imprison your mind because of what other people say to u you are better than them and remember this even god doesnt mind god gives u the free will to chose if u like bad go on if u like good go on until the last judgement

  8. Tangled by my thoughts,
    Prisioned by my own mind,
    Can’t get out from the cell,
    The one thing to get free from the metal prison
    Through inner peace.

  9. My mind is a cage.
    I expected it to be a prism.
    It turned out to be a prison.
    I am entangled by my own thoughts.
    And I don’t know how to unravel the knots.
    Where to begin and where to see?
    How to save myself from me?

  10. Being a slave to society, the world is supposed to be free but truly we’re all captive. We get put in cages our whole lives by government and society in general. Then when we try to escape we get more tangled in the never ending prison. Nobody thought there was a more secure prison than Alcatraz but Society has proven that wrong. We can also get caught in our minds as well with an endless trap we won’t get out of. But it seems as in the end the only trap is your self, it all comes down to what, how, where, and when you do things. You could break the system but also empower it, what will you choose to do is up to you. Prison is no longer the true meaning of being caged but rather The System, Society, and yourself.

  11. The mind is very powerful there are thing that we may never understand about our own minds ur thoughts may sometimes put us in prison of thoughts and msy make you feel trapped and in prison stay positive and strong in ur thoughts so this doesn’t happen to you ✌️

  12. Humanity is in control of the outcomes of their lives; it just doesn’t understand that they’ve been imprisoning themselves. Once understood they can release themselves by their choice

  13. I’am a prisoner here and my mind is in so much chaos with what I’ve done. I don’t know how to lose this turmoil in my mind ; each day behind these grey walls is twisting my mind into mental scrutiny.

  14. Caught in the prison of my mind,
    A mess so tangled,
    Weaving a web of steel,
    All around me.
    Makes me over think things,
    Too complex and too farfetched,
    Do I need peace of mind?
    Time to untangle the mess. Somehow.

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