Caption this – 17 March

Caption this - 17 March

Caption this - 17 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 20 March

69 thoughts on “Caption this – 17 March”

  1. Love at first sight,
    Not for me, it’s alright.
    I’m in no hurry.
    Fret, fume and worry.
    And then…
    A magnetic pull between us,
    No time to think or fuss
    True love was found thus!

  2. As you meet people, you understand about them and more about you.
    When you understand yourself better that is when you find the right one for you.

  3. Been looking for you for a while….

    I’ve tried to find it many times, it just hasn’t been a match.

    They weren’t bad people, they just didn’t create the spark.

    I’m glad that I finally found you.

  4. Met many,
    Got to know a few,
    Thought it wouldnt workout with any,
    When I saw you, I knew.
    An epitome of compatibility,
    Thats what we are,
    Gives a sense of stability,
    Best thing to happen to me, by far.

  5. We always strive to find that “connection” that perfect match. When we already have the perfect connection, you are the whole. Once you realize this, your other half will reconnect.

  6. They were insecure. They thought they were different. Little did they know that the missing piece they need is found in each others arm. They connect so well, you can see the spark that lights up

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