1. If life gives you rainbows,
    Chase them.
    Everything is not all black and white.
    There’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered.
    The Dream Chaser ends up in places that most people dream about.
    Forget what you’ve been told..
    And follow your heart’s desires.

  2. Bring back the alluring colors to your mundane black and white world~
    And you will get back the lost smile
    Even if the world seems black and white,
    Look around the beautiful strokes of mother nature,
    Don’t ever dim the light of your soul,
    For the infinite colours within you make you whole!

  3. It is in nature’s nature to be beautiful.
    But we have moulded it, exploited it to our likes.
    Look what we have created.
    We have grown distant.
    Look where we are in this instant.
    On nature, we are dependent.
    Without it, we can’t live.
    Stop this torture,
    And start to nurture.
    Because the more we are going against nature, the more we are going towards death and oblivion…

  4. Full of bloom on one side,
    Gloom and Doom on the other,
    As bright as the nature’s beauty at times,
    As dull as it gets at other times,
    Full of color to spice up the world around,
    Yet tints of Grey to make it sober inside,
    This is You, in a nutshell.
    My world’s biggest enigma, waiting to be understood.