Caption this – 13 March

Caption this - 13 March

Caption this - 13 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 16 March

61 thoughts on “Caption this – 13 March”

  1. In the right hands, the pen can become a weapon far more powerful than the sword, capable of destroying, in one fell swoop, everything you once thought and believed with its cunning ink and sharp word.

  2. You hold a sword,
    Even when you’re bored.
    You may not know,
    Just let them flow…
    Words empower you,
    It is true!
    Spoken or written with a pen,
    Is true now and was even then!

  3. To hold a pen, is to be at war~
    Crafted beautifully, words can captivate minds,
    Manipulated deftly, they can hold you prisoner,
    Words can; inspire and conspire,
    Heal, reconcile, and bring joy,
    Ability to create a moment, strength to destroy
    Handle your words with
    utmost care;
    They hold the ‘power’ to instill hopes and belief,
    For they can save the world from despair!

  4. A drop of ink in a pen has the power equal or sometimes even greater than a sharp and mighty sword, the use and results of its power depends on its wielder wheather it brings joy or sadness.

  5. My pen is my sword.
    With one mighty sweep,
    I can save or destroy someone.
    Kept loaded and ready,
    I’m armed and prepared
    And focused enough to use it.

  6. They say the sword is mightier than the pen but is it?
    A sword will kill you but once, the written word can break your heart and kill your spirit over and over and over again.
    Now tell me which is mightier, the sword or the pen?

  7. Write to be right, not the words that slay. Let the beauty of the written word bring about the positivity much needed in this insular world of ours.

  8. Sharp as a sword,
    Meant to be mightier,
    Are those days long gone,
    when writing was powerful?
    The writing these days,
    Mostly to fit the agenda,
    Not used as a weapon,
    But just to further propaganda.

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