Caption this – 13 April

Caption this - 13 April

Caption this - 13 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 16 April

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  1. Every small thought of worry, born in your head will grow with every passing moment, if not cured that thought will become the monster consuming you from inside out destroying every single ray of hope.

  2. Deep in my thoughts,
    I was worried and lost,
    sad and depressed
    in my own world,
    I thought and thought
    till my mind whirled,
    Overthinking clouded all the fun,
    It was so dark in my mind,
    that I failed to see the bright shining sun…..

  3. Bent in my cloud of thought,
    Where I was always caught.
    ‘This too shall pass, nothing lasts’…
    I was told, yet a shadow it continuously casts
    I fed it my undivided attention,
    A foolish decision.
    Hid the bright,
    Now I’m distraught in my night!

  4. We all go through something that breaks our spirit,
    And creates our own hell.
    But good days will shine again.
    Don’t let life bring you down,
    And turn your heart to Stone.

  5. The dark doom of blotched smoke
    Clouts in as clouds
    As I loom in the desert of gloom & drought
    I conceal all my fear in that wisp in sky
    But find myself locked from the reality of life.

  6. Look at the splendour loveliness that wants to bright you
    But you keep dwelling on your own thoughts which will devast you
    One day you may want to embrace that beauty
    That day you will be barred by your anxiety
    So, Why are you still waiting for
    Now is the best time to look at the light
    Before it will become late.

  7. Don’t let your own imagination make your world dark
    Get over the hallucination
    Look at the illumination which will build a bulwark
    against your cark.

  8. We the human makes the man alone
    He then tries to find a friend within himself
    In the end, he caught into a depression that made him aloof
    He forgets God has Given the best gift that is “Nature”
    If you deeply look at her, it will nurture
    You should look upon her when you are at a crucial juncture
    There you find a sweet ducture
    You will realize that she only gives the true fructure
    After this realization, you will never feel alone in the future…

  9. I wake up with a thought
    I fuel it with my over thinking I watch it grow into a monster without blinking !
    Its too late ! It engulfs me alive.
    I wake up with a thought and go to bed feeling lost.

  10. The sky and the sun are always there,
    It’s the clouds that come and go,
    Do not let the darkness of your thoughts engulf you,
    For once the clouds pass, there’s sunshine waiting above to brightly glow~

  11. Don’t make your mind, a prison.
    There is beauty in this world, listen.
    Don’t dwell too much in your thoughts.
    And create a gloomy night.
    There is light that shines bright.
    The world is beautiful beyond our sight.
    But it is all known, only if you see it right…

  12. Weighed down by your thoughts,
    Burdened by your analysis,
    Till it becomes paralysis,
    Eventually bowing down to it.
    End of it, comes to a point,
    Totally consumed by negativity,
    Not being able to see the light,
    The one that has been with you all along.

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