Caption this – 12 April

Caption this - 12 April

Caption this - 12 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 15 April

47 thoughts on “Caption this – 12 April”

  1. What you want to express
    doesn’t have to be under duress,
    your mind shouldn’t cause you stress,
    grab the pen to avoid emptiness,
    but know what you want to address
    when you’re creating your best!

  2. I was suddenly shocked and filled with fear, when ,in my striving to let my imagination rule and deny reason and logic, I realized I had created a monster who seemed too real. He wanted to hold me back and threatened to occupy my mind and keep me from seeing clearly. I knew what I had to do. Take a new sheet, and start all over again…..Finding a balance!

  3. Never let your uncertainty
    Hold back your opportunity
    Leave from your own insecurity
    Chase your affinity
    Build it with integrity
    Architect your futurity
    There you can find your true felicity
    Eventually,you will be a good exemplar to your posterity..

  4. I am the creator,
    creator of my own prison,
    my own art,
    takes part,
    in holding me back,
    from creating my masterpiece,
    bit by bit, it gnaws at me,
    holds my hand,
    I look for my release….

  5. The wry & dry illustration
    Honed of my delusional draught
    Held me back to express my notiins.
    I was left with a dilemma to ponder about
    All the ironies I have faced, all the nuances I have thought.

  6. Never be afraid of expressing yourself.
    Go over, look at your shelf.
    See those sketches, scribbles.
    All those beautiful pioneers you have drawn.
    First baby scribbles, when your were born.
    If you ever get held back by self doubt,
    Just look at those sketches, and remember how they made you feel, when you did them.
    That’s you.
    Go ahead and discover the true you…

  7. Don’t let the fear of judgement hold you back,
    Art of expression, is all you lack,
    All the shallow inhibitions that hold you rigid,
    let them go~
    Pour your emotions out,
    let their depths creatively flow~

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