Caption this – 11 April

Caption this - 11 April

 Caption this - 11 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 14 April

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  1. Books have the potential to take you from darkness to light.
    When you feel scared, books give you the strength to fight.
    When you feel low, books inspire you to fly like a kite.
    When you are confused, books give you a clear sight.
    To books, you must hold on tight,
    For they are such a delight!

  2. When human beings refuse and defuse you, fall in love with books; they will ‘arouse’ you and infuse new thoughts into you. Hence, arise, awake and stop not until a book is relished.

  3. I open the door….to this world of unknown….
    The further I go…..the more I have grown.
    I start at the beginning…til I reach the end.
    Knowing from the start…at the end I’ll begin.

  4. Any man who walks in the doorway of books,
    Will never be the same again,
    He will tread the hallway of knowledge and wisdom,
    Enlightening, and leading one way from the other,
    More wiser, happier , content and accomplished~

  5. Just open the doors of the truth
    See the glowing world in it
    The reality, the unestimated knowledge and also the amazing fact and theories
    The large arousal after many great queries
    Because Book is the loudspeaker of reality and a gateway to the star, the truth

  6. “There’s a world beyond the books”, she was reminded time and again.
    But in her heart she knew that only books held the world worthy to be lived in..
    So she chose to be the explorer as Alice was, and hopped onto books, until it took her deeper into her very own haven, peaceful and safe to stay..

  7. All dressed for her day she paused and picked up just one to glance before she left for the day.
    That one lead to another, and into the mysterious world of books she paved her way..

    Such was her love for reading, hooked on to the books in the library, she forgot to differentiate between the real and fictional; unaware she would just stray…

  8. Books are the lighthouse for the baffled minds;
    They prevent mankind from drowning in the sea of ignorance and dispel darkness in heart and mind;
    Man can reach the shores of enlightenment with their illumination.

  9. You see, it all happens in the mind.
    As we read, all of that just unwinds.
    An adventure that we make,
    When in our hands, a book we take.
    It is endless.
    When one book’s finished and gone.
    There are more and the journey goes on.

  10. Have a look.
    Inside a book.
    There is always much to explore.
    Open them and go through each door.
    Explore the new realms of unknown.
    You don’t need anyone, just you alone.
    You are all that you need.
    And a book to read.
    For a breathtaking adventure…

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