Caption this – 10 May

Caption this - 10 May

Caption this - 10 May

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  1. What a shame.
    He crawled up the ladder
    To his success
    By crawling over souls
    Stepping on their bodies
    Until he reached his goal.
    It will be a lonely perch.
    Who now will befriend him?
    Who will really care?

  2. We all go to where we want to because of those few people who help us through the way like stepping stones to help us become a better version of ourselves. My suggestion is that once reaching the top, don’t forget about them. Those few people made it possible for us. We shouldn’t do them any less…

  3. Forget whom you are using
    Don’t look back
    Just use people as a ladder
    To reach your destination
    And to achieve your goal
    Be mean ,be opportunist
    This what today’s corporate world
    Teaches us !

  4. To paraphrase Tracey Chapman ‘you good people are my stepping stones’
    Luckily I have morals and I’m blessed with a human (Ellen Williamson) who makes sure I don’t lose my way as I attempt to make a difference in the world.

  5. Using others as a step up on the corperate ladder.
    Thaking credit, giving false promises..
    Using all means of manipulation to get others to line up and support you in your quest to the top.

  6. I wanted to touch the corporate sky,
    I wanted to fly very high,
    on I went, hopping in my quest,
    up up up I went, totally obsessed,
    no time to turn back,
    no time to look at the heads,
    rolled on the way to the crest…

  7. I climb the ruthless corporate ladder,
    even though it makes me sadder,
    climb I must, to achieve heights
    so what if I have to climb over people,
    I’ve forgotten my sense of wrongs and rights..

  8. When you use the people in your life like rungs for a ladder, even if you end up on top it won’t matter, there will be no one there to congratulate you, or for you to turn to, if you succeed or fail won’t even matter

  9. To reach the top,
    People will not stop…
    From stooping to any level,
    Trample, stab or wrestle.
    Is this how we were taught to climb a ladder?
    My heart feels heavy and a wee bit sadder!

  10. I make a stack of ladder
    With lives to stock upon
    For today is a today
    As tomorrow fails to say
    About the lives within the graves
    As I mounted the wall
    Beyond the veil of Rome.
    Where’s my nest, where’s my home.
    I don’t know any more.

  11. Enjoy the glory of a victorious lead.. celebrate th journey of your entire team.. But not alone.

    Accomplish on your self competence, but never neglecting others’ sincere efforts.

  12. The taste and sweetness of a sympathetically ripped fruit is substantially compromised.

    Likewise, the ladder of success accomplished by stepping on others’ sensitivity and hardwork, remains hollow.. bitter and short-lived.

  13. Life is tough, it’s a struggling game
    You take every path of your life fighting yourself
    The step is yours to move forward
    So, feel d pain and walk on
    Don’t give a pause
    Just FUCK off

  14. Taking advantage of others,
    Stepping up not with our talent, effort and feathers,
    But by exploiting others,
    Where is the success in that?
    That is not success.
    That is just a miserable mess.
    People have become so much less.
    Nobody nowadays think that failures are the stepping stone to success, I guess…

  15. Climbing the cooperate ladder. My days for that is over thank God. I don’t have to impress nobody. I can try my best but really how high can I go. So what’s the point

  16. You know, back in the good old days they said, failures are the stepping stones to success. But nowadays, we see all around us, that to get what we want and where we want, we can go through a lot of mess. I mean, what happened to the morals, the goodness in us, lifting fellow beings on the way to success. Where did this evil way of suppressing others for our benefit come from?

  17. True and genuine success is when you were able to achieved your goals, purpose and ambitions in life without inflicting pain, using the ability of others for your sake and pulling others down.
    True and genuine success is when you were able to empower because of your achievement and be an inspiration and a role model for others to emulate.

  18. Using others to rise up,
    A mere rung in the ladder,
    The speciality of a select few,
    As dangerous as they come.
    Got to be safe from them,
    Watch out for such from our lives,
    Put as much distance as possible
    The only way to avoid being used.

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