Caption this – 10 March

Caption this - 10 March

Caption this - 10 March

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  1. Dear The Minds Journal team, i have loved your page and followed it for a very long time more so that a lot of my friends have become very active on your page now. Your team does an awesome job of kindling the creativity in everyone. It is commendable. As a very genuine well wisher, i ask that you consider my request of reviewing your caption this section. I see that 95% of the pics are absolutely pessimistic and depressing. Some of your other sections also are skewed towards negativity. As much as I am sure your team does a wonderful job of not ignoring any of the people’s comments and their captions which shows how respectful your team is , i seriously think you guys should stop negative captions atleast for some time and bring in a fresh view. Cheers guys

  2. Low on motivation…
    So you seek validation…
    Need appreciation…
    STOP! Time to recharge.
    Remember, it’s your life and you are in charge.
    Slow down, rest till you’re ready…
    To pace ahead this time steady!

  3. Don’t give too much of your energy to others, because when you will need no body would bother!
    Take care of yourself first!
    Collect your broken pieces and fill then with energy of self love!

  4. ‘Drained out’, the selfish world so perceives me.
    ‘Worn and out of charge’, is all they read and see..
    Laid me down like a doll, with thousand discussions, they try to find a suitable battery for me to charge. An owner, to whom I can be dutiful, bountiful doll!
    Not once was I seen with love.
    Not once overturned to be looked into my eyes; to find my missing piece!

    This is my story.
    Tale of a girl, every other girl.

  5. No need to hurry, darling,
    Time will, as it is, run out.
    Take risks and live your wildest dream.
    All fears, you must redeem.
    Charge yourself up before life discharges you forever!

  6. I was broken ,transparent, I was ever unseen
    not a person to care why I’m here ,and where I’ve been.
    All that’s left though for me to do now
    is to just walk away from this toxic field somehow.

  7. Lost the will to live,
    The desire to be loved,
    Little did I realize,
    All I needed was a battery change.
    A fresh boost of motivation,
    From self or from outside,
    That is all I need,
    To get up and running in life.

  8. The lost energy of a woman’s selfless love is a naked pain with no incentive to continue living life sane.
    The cost of this loss will keep her weak and unable to lift herself up without a valid reason to recharge once again.

  9. She is lying down.
    She is breaking down.
    That’s it she feels.
    Already has so much that has to heal.
    Can’t take no more.
    Every day’s just becoming worse than the day before…

  10. She needed to rest, the stress of life got to be too much. So she removed the energy source to catch her breath. When she is ready, she will replace the worn out energy she once had and like the Phoenix, she will come back to life with renewed energy. Better, stronger, and wiser than she ever was, she will be a force to be reconed with.

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