Caption this – 1 March

Caption this - 1 March

Caption this - 1 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 4 March

71 thoughts on “Caption this – 1 March”

  1. That’s it! No more! I’m changing the way I think from now on because that’s what I am able to control. Good thoughts only are allowed in and a bye-bye to you, bad thoughts! You’re outta here!

  2. Sometimes being thoughtless is heaven.
    When no words are driven.
    Just gazing into the void,
    With no thoughts whatsoever and just devoid,
    No desire and no grief.
    In our hands the chance to turn over a new leaf.
    To not lament,
    But to just live the moment,
    Without any self comment.
    Oh! How it must feel like!?

  3. When thoughts stink,
    Be sure to cut the link.
    Be aware and cut the base,
    When you sense thoughts coming in disgusting ways.
    You are responsible for your thoughts.
    Don’t be carried away when they come in lots.

  4. I had many things to say,
    put my empty brain on display,
    a thousand words came out,
    not a thought in my mind, so shallow.
    So I stopped blabbing ,at least until
    I learned to think , my mind to fill.
    I struggled, ashamed of my empty head,
    or those few empty thoughts I had……
    It took me time to become a little wise!
    And what I say is thought through twice!

  5. I snip & snap my bubble of voice
    To live within my cocooned cave
    As a matter of choice.
    The world is all vile, grim & green
    Why fill it with more filth
    By my rants & screams?
    I pledge & I zip my life for good
    I drown in puissant nirvana, if I could.

  6. Uncontrolled thoughts…
    Leaves the mind in knots.
    A thoughtless word,
    Is never really heard.
    Time to think before you speak,
    Enough of this tongue in cheek.
    Your power lies in you,
    Be wise in what you do!

  7. Nipping off the thoughts
    and hence my words
    As soon as I sense the danger
    Of thinking and saying too much.
    The right thing to do,
    Saves me time and effort,
    Gives me peace of mind,
    Never having to deal with them again.

  8. Do not cut your ideas down for anyone out of fear. Break your voice free and let your thoughts be heard! For it is those who dare to speak that have the most profound ideals.

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