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Can Two Narcissists Be Together? Shocking Facts Backed By Science

Two Narcissists Be Together

Narcissistic Relationship Stages

So two narcs in a relationship smooth sail to their happily ever after eh? Can two narcissists be together without any toxic drama? Not really! Like every other relationship, their romantic association also goes through the following stages:

1. Honeymoon Period

In this phase, the narcissistic partners idealize and attempt to impress each other. They go out of their way to shower gifts and attention on one another. Being narcissists, both enjoy this treatment and reciprocate the gesture of love bombing

2. Awareness

At this juncture, they wake up to the realization that they both want care, loyalty, and emotional support that the other one cannot offer. Due to their rage and lack of emotional intelligence, they fail to resolve their conflicts peacefully and often resort to toxic and abusive behavior against each other.

3. Struggle

Can two narcissists stay married? Yes, but it’s not a smooth ride. If a narcissistic couple survives the awareness stage and decides to stay in a toxic relationship, they initiate a never-ending struggle to change their partner. Their choice of tools for doing this becomes criticism and devaluation. They constantly try to tear each other down and exert their dominance over the other.

Can Two Narcissists Be Together? Shocking Facts Backed By Science
Can two narcissists be together? Yes, but it will not be easy

4. Acceptance

Finally comes the acceptance phase, where either both or one of the narcissist partners gives in and accepts the stark reality. They make peace with the fact that their relationship will always be less than perfect and they will never get everything they desire from their partner.

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Be Happy For Them

Although the relationship stages mentioned above are the same for every couple, the toxic patterns of criticism, abuse, lack of empathy, and devaluation, make these phases more painful for narcissists.

Narcissistic couples who choose to remain in the relationship, do so because they care about their partners more than their well-being and ego. Combined together, two narcissists create a dynamic that is dysfunctional, yet functional. They realize that they cannot get their emotional needs met by their partners, however, their similar traits help them rise over their challenges, and form a long-lasting relationship.

So, can two narcissists fall in love? Can two narcissists be together for a long period of time? Yes, these Bonnie and Clyde couples very much can fall in love and their questionable similar traits work as a glue that keeps them together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are narcissists capable of love?

Although narcissists are incapable of empathy, they might fall for partners with similar traits, and choose to build a long-term relationship.

Are narcissists dramatic?

Narcissists do tend to have an inclination towards intense and dramatic emotional outbursts.

Do narcissists want love?

Yes, narcissists hanker for love and acceptance.

How does a narcissist show love?

It depends on which stage of a relationship, they are in. Initially, a narcissistic person might choose to overtly demonstrate their love through gifts and other gestures of affection.

Can Two Narcissists Be Together
Can Two Narcissists Be Together? Shocking Facts Backed By Science
Can Two Narcissists Be Together pin
Can Two Narcissists Be Together? Shocking Facts Backed By Science
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