Can Meditation Heal Your Body?

Can Meditation Heal Your Body

You may have heard plenty of things about the effects of meditation on your emotional wellbeing. However, you may not be aware that meditation can influence the evolution of your body in relation to illness positively. That is something that is continuously explored, as meditation appears to have a substantial impact on the physical health of a person, as well.

Meditate to reduce blood pressure

A lot of people in the world suffer from cardiovascular conditions, and elevated blood pressure is often the root of all evil in such cases. The American Heart Association even gave a statement several years ago regarding the role of transcendental meditation in reducing the levels of blood pressure in patients.

Of course, the sole use of meditation for patients with cardiovascular conditions is not recommended. However, it is advised as a complementary therapy that can improve the results of prescribed medication.

Reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms

Women who go through menopause experience various symptoms that can decrease their overall wellbeing significantly. Meditation, as well as yoga and tai chi, have undergone scrutiny in regards to their effects on the body, and it was discovered that symptoms such as hot flashes, joint pains, and overall stress could be reduced by practicing them.

Scientists made a comparison between those who used meditation and those who didn’t and observed a difference in optimal health.

It can alleviate some IBS symptoms

Although more research is necessary to establish that meditation can have a positive impact on patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, there is some evidence that it can lower the pain sensations. That’s not something to take lightly and can improve the quality of life for these patients.

Meditation combats the aging of the brain

Another study, carried by the researchers at UCLA, showed the positive impact of meditation on the evolution of grey matter in the brain as people age. They compared people who meditated for 20 years with non-meditators and found that the latter group had more grey matter and fewer signs of brain deprecation.

An interesting aspect noticed was that the brain, as a whole, showed better parameters in meditators, which means that more than one area was affected positively. With people living longer, it is important to identify ways to ensure their wellbeing in their senior years.

Breaking addictions

Although this benefit is somewhat indirect, it leads to a positive impact on the body as the meditator finds it easier to break addictions. Meditation requires mental discipline, and that is something that can serve you when you want to get rid of smoking or drinking alcohol. In other words, meditation gives you tools for dealing with addiction, and in a positive manner.

Mindfulness helps you sleep well and longer

A lot of people today have issues sleeping, and they could be the ones to benefit the most from mindfulness and meditation. The state achieved during mindfulness exercises eliminates distractions and put you in contact with your body. You will be able to sleep faster and longer than without any meditation. During sleep, the body repairs itself, and that is why you can safely say that meditation can help you heal.

A companion to your fitness routine

Those who can’t seem able to achieve their fitness goals despite working out religiously will find that meditation might just be the missing ingredient. The role of physical activity may be to get you in shape, but if your mind is dissociated from the effort you’re putting in, you won’t be able to achieve your true goals. Yoga and meditation are surefire ways to enhance the outcome you obtain from exercising regularly.

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