Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One

Can Introverts Be Evil

6. They are stubborn

Yes, introverts do tend to be inflexible and are set in their own ways. But “bad” introverts can be excessively stubborn and controlling. They become easily disappointed when things don’t go their way. They are also overly attached to their own patterns and routines and refuse to accept change easily. They also refuse to accommodate others’ ideas or energy. This can be a serious problem in relationships. Studies have found that this type of introverted individuals tend to be pessimists, have low self-esteem, feel guilty and depressed, hate themselves, are codependent in relationships and are passive in social situations.

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7. They are bad at relationships

In general, an introvert can be a great romantic partner as they are excellent listeners, authentic, happy with themselves and focus on building lasting and meaningful relationships. But certain types of introverts can be toxic partners in romantic relationships. They can be highly unsocial, rigid, cancel pre-scheduled plans at the last minute, be self-obsessed, spend too much time by themselves and be generally neglectful towards their partners. Moreover, as they are passive-aggressive, they can be highly toxic during conflicts and give their partners the silent treatment without giving any clear explanations. 

8. They vilify extroverts

Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One
Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One

Introversion and extraversion lie on two extreme ends of a spectrum and most people lie somewhere in between with traits of both in varying degrees. Neither personality dimension is good or bad. However, toxic introverts tend to hate and criticize extroverts excessively. They consider extroverts as idiots who just love to talk and party. Granted introverted people are creative and love gaining knowledge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that extroverts are averse to gaining knowledge. We all have our strength and weaknesses which define us as who we are.

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Here are some other signs of a bad introvert that you need to know about –

  • They say “yes” even when they want to say “no”
  • They isolate themselves 
  • They pretend to like solitude even when they feel lonely
  • They withhold information and refuse to help others with solutions
  • They have unrealistic expectations from others
  • They can act in a lazy or rude manner in social settings
  • They believe they are misunderstood
  • They avoid people they know when seeing them in public
  • They don’t feel responsible for their own social life
  • They believe they are special and the best
  • They use their introverted personality as an excuse for their bad behavior

If you can relate most or all of these signs as an introvert, then it may help to talk with a therapist to cope with your communication, behavioral and relationship issues.

Are introverts evil?

I don’t know. I truly don’t know. All I know is that it doesn’t SOLELY depend on your personality. We don’t know what goes on in the mind of a truly evil person, whether they are mass shooters or serial killers, but it takes a lot more to become an evil person than your personality type. Various factors like childhood abuse, trauma, loneliness, attachment styles, relationships, social skills, financial status and self-esteem play a role in whether we choose to be helpful or harmful.

But most of all it is our mental health that determines whether we are evil or good. Killers and shooters are deranged psychopaths. That’s the only label that applies to them. And for the rest of us, we all have both sinners and saints within us. No one is truly evil or truly good. We all just try to survive and do what’s best for us and our loved ones. It depends on each individual who they choose to be. Whether you want to seek help for your pain or hurt others….it’s up to you.

As for us introverts, we just want to come back home early and enjoy our own company. If that’s a crime, cuff me!

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Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One
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Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One
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