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The Calm After The Storm

The Calm After The Storm

Regardless that the storm was rushing at me

Nothing could have stopped her assault

Hopeless to hide from the pain grant with no mercy

I knew this disaster was created by my fault


The time had come and I felt it badly

Ravaging the landscape with efficiency

Shaking even the roots of my foundation

System failure, I needed a reconstruction


Like a survivor who wants to live another day

Hard work was the only option offered then

Knowing that in the end it would surely pay

Watching someday the sun with a smile again


Presenting someone new, a man reborn

Calm and serenity filled my body, spirit and soul

Switching from scary night to delightful morn

Nevermore the feeling of a drowning pool

Léo Leblanc

Hello there! My name is Léo Leblanc, a french canadian poet. If you want to purchase my french works on poetry, here's the link on Amazon :éo-Leblanc/dp/2754743588View Author posts

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