If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For You


­­­They will gravitate towards you like homing pigeons and you will take them under your wings and offer them the incredible comfort of true compassion… one that cannot be learned through books or courses.

You were born to heal. You were born to feel. And you were born with a very specific purpose.

And yes, you will hurt when those who turned to you walk away, and when they leave without a speck of gratitude, and sometimes the return will even be a well-placed knife in the back.

And you will experience this most keenly because of your incredible gift to feel things more than others.

But you will also heal yourself the way you heal others, and emerge stronger, kinder and wiser, ready to get on with the business of being the nurturer to the world.

Most of us look high and low on this journey we call life to find our purpose and to find our true calling. Few of us achieve this, however.

We may become rich and famous or powerful, but that will never fill the emptiness of not knowing the true purpose of one’s own existence.

But if you’ve ever been told that you’re too reactive, too nice, too kind, too soft… consider yourself lucky. For in that, lies your cue. Your reason for being, your purpose.

So grab onto every feeling you feel. Together they weave the cape that makes you the superhuman being you are.

The one that nurtures, the one that mends, the one that fights all the frailties that assail humanity, and the one that is strong enough to experience emotions with enlightened grace – for yourself and others.

You are one of the chosen few who are born knowing your true purpose.

And while you may feel the slings and arrows of humanities fickle ways oh-so intensely, you will also know the ecstasy of being in touch with the purest part of yourself, the sheer joy of being one of that very select tribe that truly makes this world a better place; for the universe selects only its strongest and finest for this unique and demanding role.


If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For You