But the memory remains.

But the memory remains.
But the memory remains.
Amy Renee Nelson


But the memory remains.

But the memory remains.Karthik Parthasarathy


The eye captures, 
The mind remembers, 
Abuse may stop, 
But the pain doesn’t. 
If only the tears that flow, 
Carries away the memory, 
Wishful thinking, I know, 
But hey, what’s life 
without a little hope. 
But the memory remains.
Rinku Shah

Memories stay
They too will fray.
Let the tears wash them away,
And Love find its own way.
Trust a new beginning,
With lots of forgiveness and healing! 


But the memory remains.
Rinku Shah


Every tear that flows,
Echoes with the blows
Of the toxic past,
Thankfully it didn’t last.
Domestic violence needs to end,
Takes a lifetime to mend


But the memory remains.
Marilyn Helen Deveau


My eyes can never unsee, 
All the ugliness of you 
Physical scars heal
Emotional ones live 
On and on
All that ugliness that you
Lashed out at me
The lies you told me
The lies which I told
To all the people who
Loved me
And to myself
What gave you the right
To mess up my mind
And body
All this time
Even tho I haven’t 
Seen you 
In over 40 years. 


But the memory remains.
Crystal Bowley


Behind my tears I hide 
the pain and abuse inside.
Emotion allows me to feel 
a pain that won’t subside.
Hurting, I maintain hope 
that you will unleash your selfish pride.
All the while, behind my tears 
I hide the pain and abuse inside. 
But the memory remains.
Sherry Greene


Memories of past abuses 
Linger in the back of my mind
But I made myself stronger 
In spite of it all
I’m more resilient and kind 


But the memory remains.
Monika Ajay Kaul


Some tears are the remnants 
of the memories 
never spoken of.
But the memory remains.
Rajeev K Singh


The only thing
which creates pain is


But the memory remains.
Sarah Hays


The memories of yesterday
still haunt me.


But the memory remains.
Drey Hendriks


Real eyes, realize, 
real lies.

But the memory remains.
Noor Fatima


Let the lingered voice 
within you be raised, 
You are more than enough 
to burn the brute with your gaze

No, you’re not meant to endure 

the oppression and assault, 
Gather your broken part, 
it’s time for you to give it a halt

Why the eyes, deep and broon, 

flooded with tears? 
Com’on dear, just ruin the monster 
as victory lies beyond fear! 
But the memory remains.
Debra Pry

The soul never forgets,
The pain of abuse.
This scar always remains
But stays tucked away,
Hidden Within, 
The Mind’s Eye.

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