Are You Ignoring Your Marriage Because You Are Too Busy Parenting?

Are You Ignoring Your Marriage


Children need to understand that they are deeply loved, that they are supported, and that their parents believe in them. They should not, however, grow up believing they are the center of the world. That saddles them with liability.

To help your children develop a healthy perspective about their place in life you and your husband need to change your approach to parenting. How so you ask? Quite simply, it is by putting your marriage first and your children’s affairs second. NOT your children’s well-being second, but your children’s affairs (such as soccer, music lessons, help with homework, etc.).

This will mean that your children will not be involved in as many activities. Moreover, your children, even at this young age, will be doing more chores around the house (mom and dad are not the hired help, everyone needs to pitch in).

Starting now, as in “right away”, you and your husband should carve out a weekly date night. Also, make sure that on most evenings of the week you and your husband have some ‘grown up’ time: 30 minutes or more just to yourselves. Sure, the children can be around, but they are not to interrupt your conversation.

If you take this advice and follow it for even a short time, the exhaustion will lessen dramatically, and your children will be comforted and strengthened by the devotion they see their parents expressing to one another.

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Let me know how things work out.

Written By Forrest Talley
Originally Appeared On Forrest Talley
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