Bus thoughts

Bus thoughts

While being on the bus, the girl started thinking about what it might be, with her and that one boy. She thought to herself, while admiring the sky and the stars, what would have happened if…?

The ‘if’ that always appears in our questioning of everyday, what would have happened if we had done that? if we have said that… The constant reminder here would be ‘why didn’t we do it?

So why she didn’t let herself pursue what she thought that happiness would be? Let’s go back to 8th grade, when she declared her love to this one boy she had met at school. What happened? The boy rejected her, so she tried to hide her emotions at all coasts, and so she did until other boy appeared, and she knew that she had to do something, because no one is bad enough to not let himself or herself stop feeling.

Wake up call! Don’t let yourself be driven by people and their acts; there’s said that they come and go, as fast as the wind blows away the leaves in the pavement. The only remaining from this will be you, devastated by someone who was only meant to be a passanger in the way. Many people suffer, but this time it won’t be you…

You are a strong and powerful being who cannot be corrupted by others, because you are full of light, happiness, and most important you are LOVE.

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