Building a Happy Relationship Starts with You and not your partner

Building a Happy Relationship Starts with You

Kit: “Seriously, I think we’re on to something here. I would like to step up to the plate in a bigger way. I think that would feel really good. Of course, then I would have to give up blaming you for pushing me and start pushing myself a little more.”

Jessica: “Just a little more?”

Kit: “Hey you’re getting pushy right now!”

Jessica: “I guess sometimes I don’t even see it when I’m doing it.”

Kit: Tell you what: You push me less, and I’ll push me more.

Jessica: “And what if I do my part and you don’t do yours?”

Kit: “ I knew that you were going to go there. If we come to that bridge, we’ll cross it. My request to you is that you stop expecting me to not keep my word and trust that I really mean what I’m saying. Hey, I’m not promising to be perfect to never slip up. I’m just saying that I feel more committed to my own integrity than I ever have before.”

Jessica: I hear that and I believe you. And even though I don’t feel completely certain that we’ve got his one licked yet, I do feel confident that we’ve made some real headway on this one. I’m excited about what we might have to look forward to.”

Kit: “Me too”.

They kiss.

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Written by Linda and Carlie Bloom
Originally appeared in Psychology Today

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