6 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship When Struggling With Depression

Build Strong Relationship Struggling With Depression

5. Give Each Other Gifts

If times are financially tough, this can be something tiny or handmade. The key is to make the other person feel thought of, not to spend a ton of money. Bring them their favorite candy, draw them a little picture, or write a note. You would be surprised how that can change the cadence of their day and there you go one step closer to a strong relationship.

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6. Give Each Other Space

Being close to your partner can make them feel loved during difficult times, but people need well-rounded lives. Encourage them to spend time with friends, read, or work on something creative. A relationship isn’t enough to make you happy.

Above all, no two people are alike. No two people experience depression in exactly the same way either. If you are ever in doubt about what your partner needs, just ask. Let them know in a nonconfrontational way that you realize they are going through a rough time right now. Reassure your partner that you are there for them and you want to minimize their discomfort. Depression is awful, but I feel closer to my boyfriend than ever. I know that whatever happens, we will continue to support each other.

Are you ready to build a strong relationship with your loved one while dealing with depression? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in comment below.

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