6 Ways To Build Emotional Resilience

Ways To Build Emotional Resilience

5. Exercise

Regular workouts combine challenging yourself by taking charge of life and managing your stress. Both your mind and your body will be stronger and more resilient. That is if you are really showing up for it.

While I acknowledge the consistency, doing the same casual exercise routine for years on end doesn’t build anything. It just barely maintains the level of strength and fitness you’re currently at. The approach to physical activity I’m talking about involves grit and determination.

In each session, keep pushing yourself to increase the distance, time, reps, or weight. It doesn’t need to be by much. Just as long as you keep pushing the envelope. If you know you’ve proven to yourself that you’re not the best at doing this on your own, then hire a trainer for a few months. They will not only keep you safe and injury-free, but they will pull a level of performance out of you that you’ve never seen before. Then you can use all those lessons on your own going forward.

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Get yourself out to the gym even when you don’t want to.

Battling the little voice in your head that says, “Naaah, what about tomorrow?” and getting out the door is already a huge win. When that voice comes back mid-workout and tells you to quit, or call it a day and hit the shower, tell it to go fuck itself and do one more set of anything – just to prove to yourself that you can take the reigns whenever you want to.

On the biochemical level, moving your body will also greatly help regulate your moods and keep you feeling happy, energized, and optimistic. Science backs this up ten-fold.

6. Laugh

If you can’t laugh at life then you’re absolutely fucked. A sense of humor is essential if you want to easily deploy emotional resilience.

What this means is not taking everything so seriously. You have a looser grip on life. Short of the apocalypse, you know that nothing is the end of the world. The opposite of this attitude would be living in complete fear and anxiety; afraid of misfortune, failure, and death.

You will always struggle through life unless you can learn to laugh at your own faults and limitations, and even at death itself.

This is a huge reason why stand-up comedy exists. And it’s also why some of the funniest jokes are about the darkest and most fucked up things in life. Comedians make room for us to feel understood, to forget our troubles, and at the same time to remember that they’re not so bad. If you’re feeling disconnected from laughter and humor, I highly recommend getting out to live comedy clubs (and spending more time with your funniest friends) as a way to rekindle that energy.

All of these points can become daily habits and reflexes. Once you have begun to apply effort in all areas, what happens is that you start creating shifts in your character – how you think and see the world. You beef up your psychological and emotional musculature and prepare your mind for anything.

You can move more swiftly through any hardship with ease and grace, and become a support system for those around you. Once you get to that level, you’ll experience rewards and fulfillment beyond what you ever thought was possible.

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So, how did you boost your emotional resilience? What are the secrets of resilient people? Watch out for this video below:

Written by Jordan Gray
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6 Ways To Build Emotional Resilience
Ways To Build Emotional Resilience pin
6 Ways To Build Emotional Resilience
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