A Buddhist Story About The Virtue Of Patience And Mental Peace

buddhist story about the virtue of patience and mental peace

After some time, Buddha asked the disciple to go to the lake again for some water, and because the disciple did not want to challenge him, he went to the lake again. However, he was furious and was constantly wondering why Buddha was sending him, again and again, to fetch water from the lake, despite knowing that the water is dirty and not drinkable. However, when he reached the lake, he discovered that the water was clean and crystal clear.

He was surprised but still took the water and went back to Buddha. Buddha asked what did he do to clean the water. The disciple could not answer the question, because he actually did not do anything.

Buddha looked at him, and said, “You gave it time, and you waited. You let it be. With time the mud settled, and the water became clean again. Your mind is like the water too. If it’s cloudy and muddy, you should let it be, and give it some time. Being impatient won’t help you or the situation you are in, so you need to learn to be patient. If you are patient, your mind will get balanced on its own, and you don’t have to work very hard to make it peaceful. Everything will fall into place, as long as you don’t force them, and don’t hold on to them.”


Patience And Mental Peace Are Connected

This Buddhist story shows once again why it is important to inculcate patience in oneself, and how it can go a long way in achieving mental peace and tranquility. Being able to wait, respect time, and trust that things will fall into place with time is an important mindset to have. Getting overwhelmed and impatient won’t help you make the situation better, rather it will adversely affect your mental peace, and make you feel even more hopeless and anxious.

The next time something does not go according to plan, try not to rile yourself up; wait for some time, do nothing, and most importantly, show some patience. Train your mind to not flit from one thought to the other, as this will mentally and emotionally tire you out. Don’t let anger, unpredictability, frustration, and stress control you, and push you to be mindlessly impulsive. Emotionally distance yourself from what is bothering you, and introspect. The moment you get in touch with yourself, you will feel calmer.

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Keep in mind that not everything has to be done right now, it’s okay to take it slow sometimes. It is crucial to instill calmness and patience in yourself so that you can handle every problem and obstacle with a clear and peaceful mind. When you achieve mental peace and tranquility, you will be in tune with your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. And only then will you be able to embrace different opinions and perspectives of this world.

buddhist story about the virtue of patience and mental peace pinop
buddhist story about the virtue of patience and mental peace pin
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