“Finding peace by simply being”

Compose yourself and re-centre your energy

Sit peacefully in silence and let your thoughts quieten

Spend time just being

Feel the potential that lies within you

You are connected to the entire universe, it resides within you

You are a perfectly unique expression of life itself

Simplify, create space, let in the light

Notice the beauty all around you
See the bigger picture
Take in the now, breathe it, feel it, absorb this very moment

You are present & self-aware, in alignment with your highest self

Raise your vibration & attract the frequencies you want

Nourish your soul to the forefront of your experience

Let your inner child play & discover

Shine your light in the world

Be gentle with yourself and others

Choose love, the most powerful force available to us all

Tread gently upon this earth and leave it better than you found it

By Kayley Easterbrook

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