Why Breaking Up With A Narcissist Is Not Your Average Break Up

 April 09, 2017

Why Breaking Up With A Narcissist Is Not Your Average Break Up

The grieving won’t last long though, since they do not take responsibility for anything, your leaving won’t resonate with them as, “I’ve done something to make them leave.” They will immediately start telling themselves – ‘They’re nuts, they thinks they can do better than me. I’m better off without them. They’re damaged anyway,’ as part of the devaluation process. And just like that you are discarded in the Narcissist’s mind, regardless of the amount of time, or the amount of suffering you may have endured.

When a normal relationship ends, both parties usually go their separate ways and move on. When you’re involved with a Narcissist the relationship ends abruptly, without notice, or it never ends. They like to keep a hold of you, they are control freaks and they will do that, by offering you the friend card. This friend card entitles them to unlimited supply of your attention, resources, affection, ego strokes, or sex, with no responsibility or commitment. It also stops you from being able to move on.

They almost always seem to have an innate sense of exactly when you might be getting over them and just like that, they waltz back into your life, as if nothing ever happened. The loving, caring person returns and you may be thinking, finally ________ (insert name), has realized my worth and things will be different this time. Don’t be fooled. The actor is back, just long enough to take control of you and your emotions again. If you engage for any reason, it won’t be long before the mask slips and the real McCoy is back to further torment you.

Once you have managed to get out – stay out. Stop all communication and burn every bridge behind you, thus souring the milk of your Narcissistic Supply. It’s better to covet a Narcissist’s indifference, than their toxic form of love.

Your involvement with a Narcissist has likely changed you in ways you could never have imagined. Make the decision to break free and stick with it, start to rebuild your shattered self image, regain your power and dignity and most importantly, learn the lesson that you were meant to learn from this encounter. But that’s another blog!!!!

Written by Savannah Grey
Article Syndicated from Esteemology with permission from author

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  1. Hey all
    I was with one for 4 year and out of the blue one day ended it no feeling and it was all me I did it I was not good enough she push me away and just as I would give up she was all nice and loving and wanted to spend time with me the lies about what she was doing and the things she was telling people made me look like I was a philosophy ex trying to make her life her to try and win her back she was telling her mate she had ended it but yet doing and saying thing different to me also as I have a 2 year old son with her I would of stayed for him but it come to a point where it was getting to much and and the little lies needed to be shown so I started to cover my back used recording app to record phone calls and pics to back up that we was still sleeping together even though she mad out I was sleeping on the chat and refusing to leave.. This was all bull as if I knew what she was doing I would of taken my son and left.. She had been seeing a guy from work and was also sleeping with him… Once I found out I left but the games still played on once she knew I’d not do things for her it was my son she would use and then I needed 2 weeks to free myself from her and then it was how crap a dad I am and how I’m not there for my boy so after a week I could not take anymore of the little texts she would send of my son and the vids of him so I give in I started seeing my son again but I was not giving in to her so then she would make plans for me to see my son and the give him to someone else on them days and make out I was being an ass she even put him at risk and because this was not working she then let my sister down who was unwell and had just come out of hospital and then tried playing my sister off on me.. Long story short the texts off her mate come in I then have to go to the police and i was the one given a pip she then setup a day for me to see my son after 6 months of stopping me because I have a new partner and when I went to see him she had gone out I waited fro an hr and left a note saying it’s going to court now as I was sick of the games I then popped back after as I thought maybe something had happened to my son and when I got there I was met by the door being slammed in my face so I called the police to do a check that my son was OK and I then get locked up for 16hrs I’m now on tag and and been done for harassment all I say is cover your backs if not for all the texts and cctv in my car and the camera on my phone I could of been looking at prison time

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