Breaking the daily routine – Mind Talk

Breaking the daily routine - Mind Talk

We grow up in a society which trains you all your life that you have to finish school with good grades and that you have to do your best to find a well paid job so you will be able to afford a big house.

While you are on that path does somebody care why some subjects in school are simply not your cup of tea? Everything is brought down to numbers and grades and dates. When you finally survived the school perio and you think that your life is now about to begin, you stumble into a job which chains you again. This time you are not chained to your studydesk, but this time its an office. Working 9-5 and thinking about your life. Your freedom. Your purpose. You see the clear blue sky of a warm summer day – through your office window. By the time when you will leave the office the weather will not be the same as right now in this moment and disappointment kicks in. You may think to yourself that you lost another wonderful chance to enjoy your day. Your evening is already packed with your daily tasks at home and before you know it the day is over and you lie in your bed.. thinking about the next day and that everything will be exactly the same as today. Daily routine is cruel.

After you live your life like this for a while you actually start to miss out on the small joys of life. The longer this routine goes on, the bigger the things you miss. You then fall into a big and dark hole. You start to question your life, yourself and you search desperately for an exit out of the routine. You want to go back to the life full of wonder and miracle. You want to feel the freedom again. You want to make choices everyday that benefit you personally.

You listened your whole life to what other people expect from you and how your life should be lived and how it should unfold. If you were waiting for someone to hold up a huge Stopsign.. then here it is! download

Now is the time to change your life! Free yourself from expectations, chains and timetables which do not benefit you. You are the one in charge here. Nobody else.

I dont say drop all your responsibilities. Take your responsibilities serious. But try to change your view on the world. How? Let’s pretend its a normal day on which you have to go to work. Your old mindset would be like “ and again another of those days “ followed by a deep sigh. You could also try to really be in the moment while you go to work. Pay once again attention to the birds singing. The warmth of the sunrays on your skin. Smile at people you meet on the way. If you give someone a smile – 9 out of 10 times you will receive a smile back. This is pure positive energy. It will lift up your mood.  When you arrive at the office, don’t think about the colleagues that really go on your nerves. Instead try to keep the positive energy of the birds, the warm sunrays and the friendly smiles you collected on your way to work. While you work your hours try not to check the clock every few moments to see if you are already allowed to go home. Try to be in the moment. Right now this job provides you the money you need to do fun stuff in your free time. Dont urge yourself to not look at the clock at all. Forbidding yourself something doesnt work anyway. Simply try to be right here in this moment. Just that. Time will fly by. Time is not existent anyway. It’s all in your head. Dont let the mood of people around you influence you. They are simply in the place where you were yesterday before you decided to change your life.

We all have tasks after work. But also those tasks can be sweetened. Realize why you are doing certain things.

If you are renovating your house, then realize that you are doing it for a reason. You do it to feel better in it afterwards. You have something to look forward as soon as its finished.

You have to fill in your taxes? Everyone has to. The universe is not punishing you. It’s simply something thats part of this reality. Do it as accurate but fast as you can. Afterwards you can proudly say that you managed it in no (1)

Everything can seem different as soon as we shine a different light on it.

If you shine light on it out of a negative point of view, chances are that things will take longer, be more difficult, more frustrating etc.

If you shine light on it out of a positive point of view, the things you have to do will not disappear. They will seem less heavy. You will feel that you accomplished something. And you will have more time to do some fun stuff in life.

Life is an adventure. You didn’t come into this life to work your ass off. You can here to enjoy the ride. Don’t let your daily tasks destroy the beauty and the miracles that are all around you.

It’s all a question of perspective.

Will you make this day a lovely memory or do you want to stay stuck in your daily routine?

Lots of Love,







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