Break free from your self perceived limitations

Break free from your self perceived limitations
Nuhrez Khan

Break free
from your self-perceived limitations
and explore the outsides
of your boundaries.

Debra Pry

is on the other side
of the walls
you have built.

Sherry Greene

Sometimes we simply need
to break out
of our own heads.

Janie Saunders-Goodbrand

I don’t want to live
in my head anymore

Francis Lumumba

Your effort will free you
from your own bondage.

Mai Quesada

Coming out of my shell,
the sheltered life I knew…
mustered all my strength and courage
to face life anew!

Rinku Shah

You built a wall,
Too tall.
To keep the worry at bay,
It also kept the joy away.
Hammer it down,
Far too long it’s been around.
Step out, try building a bridge.
Touch hands, hearts.. souls,
your life will enrich!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Breaking out of the mental prison,
The one I had built for myself,
Walking free without anything to stop,
The first step to start living life.

Дэвид Шальк Портер

Break free
from your restrictive thoughts

Rabina Rai

I kept walls so High,
I could never see what was passing by,
My thoughts were starting to imprison me,
I wasn’t blind, yet I couldn’t see,
Time to break those walls that I built,
I am gonna be myself, the real me, with no guilt,
Breaking these walls, now I could finally see,
I am strong enough, and I am finally free

Anindya J Ganguly

The tomb of wisdom I once built & baked
Needs to broken for my mind to be freed.
With a hammer in my hands, I contemplate
To rise high & fly up to the heaven’s gate.

Sulekha Pande

You are the creator of your prison,
only you can slay your dragons,
you have the tools, you are armed,
break free from the prison,
come out of the mental walls

Tanu Malhotra

Use tools to sculpt
and enhance inner beauty,
not build tall but fake facadè
Cause the outer
may briefly please others,
but the false pressure
would choke your inner.
So use the sculpt and hammer
for creating a masterpiece,
from but within.
Not create fake,
which chokes you
to hammer it to find
a breathing space.

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