Born to Fly!

Born to Fly!

In a man’s world, a woman stays.

She always has the last word to say.

A woman is equally smart amidst the men,

Yet treated as an assistant to everyone there.

She works hard & goes an extra mile just to ensure the client smiles.

Things are organized since she is appointed,

how you wish she was rejected.

Respect is all she needs, equality is what she seeks.

Equality is not just written or verbal, but you ensure she is always in trouble.

Letting her win is forbidden, your mistakes why are they always hidden?

You think she cannot handle the pressure, why do you forget she is a homemaker?

Before being your colleague, she is already a mother, a daughter, a sister or wife.

Yet you stab her dreams with a knife?

You appreciate her for her beauty, why not salute her; for her duty.

Working with you is her motivation, give her an opportunity without hesitation.

Recognition is what she craves, your trust in her makes her brave.

Crushing her dreams can’t bond her to strings,

A woman achieving her dreams flies high spreading her Wings!

– By Maria Ferns

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