What It Feels Like To Live With Border Line Personality Disorder


It is often difficult to comprehend and accept the reality. Doctors suggest treatments that can help in the long run. If detected at an early stage, patients can overcome the condition and still manage to live ahead in their lives.

Most sufferers are stuck with feelings of guilt and sometimes, they instinctually do not trust anyone outside their immediate family.

The condition exacerbates the feelings of a warped self image. Most sufferers feel a dysfunctional identity crisis in the condition.

The personality can be quite wild and reckless. Decisions are taken in stress and there is a never ending cycle of self doubt and lack of motivation.

In many occasions, therapy works. A lot of patients seek counselling and medication and accept their woes. They just let it ride.

Fighting for a regular life can seem an endless quest. But research has shown, sufferers can actually fight their way into living a life where their defenses work best.

BPD can probably not be cured forever but Most sufferers can feel a difference in their lives if they receive love and support along with timely medical advice. BPD does not own its patients, the idea is to own the condition itself!

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What It Feels Like To Live With Borderline Personality Disorder

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