10 Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect

Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect

9. Creativity 101 by Jamesu Kaufman

The title and online description is misleading. While this has been sold as an academic textbook, James is such a playful, thoughtful author that this is essentially the best book available on the topic of creativity. Many books have been written on creativity in the past few years including The Myths of CreativityOriginals: How Non-Conformists Move the WorldWired to CreateThe Accidental CreativeCreativity, Inc., and just plain ol’ Creativity. I read them all. Many of them are excellent books but none of them are as good as Creativity 101. Simple.

People Are Usually Much More Creative When They Are
10 Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect

James Kaufman is one of the leading creativity researchers and he did his homework for you. Walk away knowing everything you want to know about this wonderful psychological strength and powerful human process. Of the books mentioned, Creativity 101 has received the least marketing and hype. Be a rebel: Read the best volume on the topic, not the most widely sold.

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10. Letters from an Astrophysicist by Neil deGrasse Tyson

This might be the most popular book on this year’s list. Neil is the paragon of scientists educating the public about science. He is the ideal successor to Carl Sagan. The premise of this short book is that Neil publishes letters received from fans and his answers. The letter writers range from men in prison to small children. The exchanges made me smile and reminded me of the importance of really engaging with another person on sophisticated topics. Spend a few hours on this book and be inspired to mentor someone regularly.

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10 Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect
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10 Books To Ramp Up Your Intellect
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