Bone Breathing: Heal Your Bone Marrow With This Taoist Practice

Bone Breathing: Heal Your Bone Marrow With This Taoist Practice

However, the primary focus of bone breathing is on our subtle breath. This is how we absorb the universal energy through the pores of our skin. This subtle breath is then transferred to the marrow through conscious breathing, awareness and concentration. 

How to practice bone breathing to heal bone marrow

The fundamental practice and the basic steps of bone breathing are mentioned below. Simply follow the steps as mentioned here to begin:

Bone Breathing: Heal Your Bone Marrow With This Taoist Practice
Bone Breathing: Heal Your Bone Marrow With This Taoist Practice

1. Sit comfortably 

To get started, sit in a comfortable position. Extend your arms and put them on your lap. Open the palms of your hands, stretch open your fingers and keep them relaxed. Gently inhale through your nose and exhale deeply towards your abdomen. Take calm, deep breaths several times while releasing all stress and tension from your mind with each breath. Imagine that you can subtly feel the energy present in the environment around you.

2. Breathe consciously with your fingers

Bone breathing doesn’t only include deep breathing through your nose, it also requires that you breathe with awareness through your fingers, hands and arms. Start by bringing your focus to the tip of your left index finger. As you breathe normally, allow your attention to move gently from the tip of the finger to the base. When you exhale through your nose, allow the energy to remain in your finger. Now bring back your attention to the tip of your finger. Repeat this process with the following breaths.

You will feel a sensation of warmth and heaviness developing in your fingers. Now compare the feelings in your left hand index finger with the right index finger. As you have not done any bone breathing on your right index finger, you will be able to feel the difference in sensations and realize the feelings that come with bone marrow breathing. With the index finger on your left hand becoming warmer, keep practicing bone breathing for the rest of your fingers on your left hand. You may choose to do them at the same time or one at a time.

Once you are done, compare the warm feeling in your left with your right hand, where you have not practiced breathing yet. When you begin doing bone breathing for your right hand, repeat the process you did for the left hand and focus on one finger at a time, or you can do it simultaneously. After you’re done with both hands and feel heavy and warm in your fingers, repeat the process again but move higher up in the arm to experience the same sensation until you reach the shoulder.

3. Breathe with the toes, feet & legs

After you’re done with your hands, you can practice bone breathing with your legs, feet and toes as well. However, it is a good idea to get your shoes and socks off before you begin bone breathing through your feet. Repeat the same process you did with your fingers and hands by bringing your awareness to the toes, feet, ankles and legs.

4. Breathe with your spine

Start by bringing your attention to the sacral region at the bottom of the spine and breathe up. Move your awareness through your spine gradually moving up till you arrive at the base of your neck. Make sure you experience the same sensation of heaviness and warmth as you did with your arms and legs.

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5. Breathe with your body

Keep practicing bone breathing by bringing your attention to the rest of the bones in your body. When done properly, you can do bone breathing for the entire human skeleton like the sternum, collarbone, ribs scapulae and even your teeth. As you continue your practice, focus on breathing with your whole body as if you are absorbing the surrounding energy.

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