12 Ways Body Language Reveals Someone Is Attracted To You

Body Language Someone Attracted You

Leaning in and head tilting while you are verbally communicating to him/her also shows that the other person is paying deep attention to what you are saying. He/she might really be interested in getting to know you beyond the surface.

3. Feet point towards.

body language reveals attraction

If your feet point towards a person, there’s a high likelihood you feel at ease with them. Similarly, if your feet shows an “exit posture”, or have a natural tendency of moving away, check your feelings for the person. Maybe, you do not feel safe, comfortable, or understood with the person.

An “exit” orientation is a sign you’re engaging with the person out of a specific context rather than authentic interest. Notice to which side the feet of the other person points. If it consistently points to you, even in a group setting, you are undoubtedly under his/her radar. 

4. Trying to look one’s best.

body language reveals attraction

Courtship unconsciously entails looking your best. One of the important components of attraction is physical attraction and it is mostly based on how one externally looks. 

It has nothing to do with beauty but everyone wants to look their best when they are presenting themselves to the person they are interested in. Notice how the person is acting around you. Is he/she engaging in smoothing his/her clothes or fixing their watches, ties, and other aspects of their looks? 

If you see someone take the extra last minute self-care, he/she is definitely trying to attract you. 

5. Eye contact.

body language reveals attraction

This is another powerful body language that reveals attraction.

Have you noticed them making eye contact with you whenever you looked at them? Were there moments when she/he stole glances with you, looked down or to the sides, and then looked back at you to see if you looked again?

This is the typical behavior of a person who is genuinely interested in you. Eye contact means that they are paying undivided attention to you and want to read in your eyes what you feel for them. A confident guy will make steady eye contact, while a shy guy might make broken eye contact.

Prolonged eye contact is a sure sign that they are attracted to you. 

6. Touching hair.

body language reveals attraction

Touching one’s own hair while he/she is talking with you or sitting in front of you can mean that they are feeling the heat of the attraction. But it can also be a sign of nervousness and being uncomfortable. So before reaching conclusions, look for additional signs along with hair touching like smiling. 

If a man sweeps his fingers through his hair, he is kind of preening for the woman. If a woman might lightly twirl her hair or plays with the ends, along with smiling, she is attracted.

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7. Mirroring.

body language reveals attraction

Mirroring is when someone subconsciously copies the movements, gestures, postures, and even behavior pattern of the person they can connect to – it can be any part of the body like hands, face, eyes, legs, or even the entire body. Mostly this happens during social interactions between closely connected people.

Notice whether the person is taking up your poses or gestures. He/she might just be getting uncontrollably attracted to you. 

8. Blushing or flushing.

body language reveals attraction

Blushing is normally involuntary and triggered by emotional stress tying candor, such as that associated with passion, embarrassment, anger, or romantic stimulation. As the attraction builds, blood rushes to the face making one look flushed. Blushing happens subconsciously and one cannot control it in any way.

The lips may also become more reddish and the eyes whiter and brighter.

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  1. As a person who really never thought about another persons attraction to me and not good at picking up signals from a fear of rejection I found this very enlightening I’ll definitely be looking for signs of attraction

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