40+ Body Language Signs To Strip Down Someone’s Personality

Body Language Signs Strip Down Personality


1. Putting your hands on your hips can show eagerness and readiness (also, at times, aggression)

2. Hips pushed forward, while leaning back can show that one feels powerful (also can be a suggestive gesture)

3. A wide stance – where one’s feet are positioned far apart – signifies more power and dominance

4. When one sits with legs open and part, they might feel secure in their surroundings

5. Crossed legs can mean several things: relaxed/comfortable, or defensive – depending on how tense the leg muscles are

6. When you cross your legs towards another person, you are showing more interest in them than when they are crossed away in the other direction

7. A confident and powerful position is the “Figure of Four Cross” when one’s ankle is atop the other leg’s knee and the top leg is pointed sideways

8. Bouncing your foot if your legs are crossed can show that you are bored or losing patience

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1. The lowering of the eyes can convey fear, guilt or submission

2. Lowered eyebrows and squinted eyes illustrate an attempt at understanding what is being said or going on

3. A lack of confidence or apprehensiveness can be displayed when you don’t look another person in the eyes

4. One tends to blink more often if nervous or trying to evaluate someone else

5. If you look directly into another person’s eyes you are displaying self-assurance

6. Wide eyes show more of an interest in a subject or person

7. If you are irritated with a comment made by another during a conversation, a common movement is to take a quick glance sideways

8. Staring at someone can be an aggressive gesture or suggest that the one staring feels dominant

9. Recalling a memory is usually done by looking up and to the right

10. Looking directly upwards can indicate that one is thinking

11. Eye contact is normally broken if someone feels insulted by another

The next time you meet someone, remember these body language signs and you can stripped down naked everyone’s personality!

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