Blinded by the chase to grab money

Blinded by the chase to grab money
Rinku Shah

Blinded by the chase
to grab money,
Leads you straight
to the grave, honey.
Set a new goal,
Live a life that is whole!

Sulekha Pande

The blind rush,
the money crush,
it’s only money
that I crave,
even if it means
an early grave

Sulekha Pande

The greed leads one
to an early grave.

Ceona Chambers

Those who waste their life
all for the pursuit of money,
will find their grave
before they find enough
to keep them satisfied.

Sarrvesh Waran

Don’t just go after money.
There is more to life than that, honey.
Money is just a tool.
Don’t allow it to make you a greedy fool.
Free yourself from this
materialistic crave.
Because you can take nothing
with you to your grave.

Felicia Holmes

Chasing the unattainable
may keep you busy,
But after wasting your life;
It will leave you with nothing.

Hrisha Paul

Your greed for those inked papers
directing you towards
a meaningless death.
Wake up!

Danielle Howard

All work and no play
will prematurely
take you to the grave.

Mai Quesada

The stress of working for money
brings you to your grave
fast and early!
It’s soon too late to realized
all these we can’t bring
when death comes!

Holly Fillmore

Don’t work
yourself to death

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