Blessed are the Forgetful!

Blessed are the Forgetful

Blessed are the Forgetful!

I believe that people who have a limited span of memory are just so blessed. The real struggle is for the people who can’t forget, even if they want to. All it takes to trigger the slide show is a song, some words, some gestures, some fragrance, some laughter. Bringing back yourself from there is a task, a task that is so tedious, so difficult to put on a smile, a brave face coz you don’t want to shatter in front of people.

Some of us suffer most, as, we don’t let our guards down. I am not complaining about it, I love that about myself. Being self-sufficient is the best trait of mine.

I guess, I will never be able to forget anyway, it’s just that I want to be okay remembering it.

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